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Thursday,Jun 01, 2017

Longtime Jazz Artist

Robert M. Crawford, stage name Bob Crawford, is a long time jazz artist from the Bronx, New York.  He has been a jazz artist since 1974 and plays guitar, keyboards, bass, and guitar synthesizer.

Bob tells us, “Regarding my own music I write in in genres such as Contemporary Crossover Jazz, Pop, R&B, Indie Rock, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, New Country, and Folk idioms.”


Bob’s  major achievements are the publication of “Symmetric Cycles” (released on May 1, 2011 by RMCO MUSIC & distributed by Charles Colin Publications), his advanced music theory book inspired by the work of John Coltrane, Pat Martino, & Nicholas Slonimsky.” Symmetric Cycles”, published offers new ways of stretching the melodic and harmonic boundaries of Modal Jazz, Blues, Pentatonic Rock, Latin (Montunos, etc.) Reggae, World Music, etc., creating sound colors that will open your ears in ways you may not have experienced before. It also is extremely useful compositionally – connecting chords in very unique ways, adding emotional sound colors to original musical works. As a teaching tool it is very valuable for advanced students as well as seasoned players.

You can preview several pages of the book on Bob’s website by clicking on the book cover and then clicking on the “Look Inside” tab

“Symmetric Cycles” can be ordered at Jamey Aebersold’s Jazzbooks site:

Or by calling Charles Colin Publications at 845-680-6880, their website

The release of his 2 Crossover Jazz albums BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol. 1 on June 1, 2013 distributed by Catapult, Inc. and available at i-TunesAmazonMP3Bandcamp, & Google Play.

Bob writes his own songs in genres such as Pop, R&B, Indie Rock, Contemporary Jazz, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, New Country, and Folk idioms. For Crossover Jazz he writes melodies & moods that he hears in his head based on emotions that he feels at the time. For all others, he writes mostly about relationships and their ups & downs.

Bob has recorded the following albums, BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol 1 (Melodic/Romantic Jazz). & BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol 2 (Uptempo Jazz Party Music). on June 1, 2013.  Available at i-TunesAmazonMP3,Bandcamp, & Google Play.

Bob’s jazz musical influences include John Coltrane, Miles Davis, Pat Martino, Horace Silver, Alan Holdsworth, and Larry Carlton. Bob’s best songs pertaining to Jazz that he created are Wheeling, Babycake Walk, Floater, Ondulando, & Hi Steppin’.  “I write melodies & moods simultaneously that I’m hearing in my head based on emotions that I’m feeling at the time.”


Bob is actively seeking music licensing/placement opportunities with recording artists, for theme songs/underscoring/transitions in film/TV, radio advertising and product placement, business presentations, ringtones, video games, websites,etc.

Bob’s Advice

My advice to Jazz artists is to learn your instrument, practice as much as you can, (especially recording yourself when playing with Music Minus One type recordings, and then listening back to what you sound like…like biofeedback except with music). Also play at as many venues as possible with as many people as possible…jam sessions, etc., network with other Jazz players, and above all, STAY POSITIVE…Rejection is part of this business and doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re not good enough…it usually means that what & how you play stylistically may not be a good fit for what the bandleader, A&R rep, record executive, club owner, etc. needs at the time.

“Thank you to Joseph Bennett for this opportunity. Special thanks to Larry Harlow, Pat Martino, Mick Taylor, Bertha Hope, Ray Vega, Phil Benoit, Maxine Brown, Kotie Cannon, Jess Nadelman, Wendy Caplin, Beverly Crosby, Dave Forman, Jon Geist, Monica Hope, Barry and Miriam Kulick, Eleanor Lance, Frank Levi III,  Raymond Hernandez-Ruiz, Lee Schechtman, Neal Shulman, Annette Ward, Tim Weil, Mick Oakleaf, and Lyndell Williams.”

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Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC review in Maximum Musician’s Magazine


Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC review in Maximum Musician’s Magazine

Review by Marcel Pyron February 20, 2015

Bob Crawford—The Instrumental Giant
Bob Crawford is a multi-talented instrumentalist…his music has so much to offer that it is unbelievable. His music is remarkably clever, solid, and full of incredible professionalism. Everything from the drums to the guitars is outstanding. You will find yourself amazed by his intelligent talent and rhythm. The creativity of each piece is stunning, soulful, fluid, and perfectly produced. One thing for sure is when you listen to him, you will enjoy the his complex harmonies and grooves that seem unstoppable.
Bob Crawford, born in the Bronx, NY, is one of those rare people combining musicality, scholarship, and business acumen into one seamless individual. After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1971 (Phi Beta Kappa/Magna cum laude) Bob embarked on his musical career full time. From being the Musical Director, Guitarist, and Vocalist for the National Company of Paul Sills’ “Story Theatre”(1972-3) to the publishing of his John Coltrane, Pat Martino, Nicholas Slonimsky-inspired music theory book “Symmetric Cycles” (by RMCO MUSIC in 2011), Bob has been actively involved in songwriting, arranging, producing, and studio work as a guitarist and vocalist for the past 30 years.
In 1975, Bob founded Josandra Rehearsal Studios in NYC, which became the home of such celebrated musicians as Pat Martino, Larry Harlow, Sonny Rollins, Horace Silver, Mongo Santamaria, Slide Hampton, Sam Jones, Tom Harrell, Kevin Eubanks, Larry Coryell, John Abercrombie, Brand X, Tom Rush, John Hammond, Aztec 2 Step, Jocelyn Brown, Meat Loaf, Loretta Devine, and Roz Ryan among many others.
In 1986 he acted as President of Lions’ Den Recording in NYC until 1990 when he formed RMCO MUSIC, his full-service production, recording, publishing, and consulting company.

In 1991, Larry Harlow (2008 Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award Winner and Latin Music Hall of Fame Member) recorded “My Time Is Now”(“Mi Tempo Liego”) on the album of the same name, co-written by Bob Crawford and A. Dennis (Doc) Williams of the O’Jays released on Cache/Fania Records. In 2006, Maxine Brown (R&B Hall of Fame Member and Tony Award Winner) recorded another of Bob’s compositions “I Want To Be Loved” released on her album “From the Heart” (Mee Max Music, Inc.) He continues to write, publish, and place songs with recording artists, for underscoring in film, TV, product placement, ringtones, video games, etc. in genres such as Pop, R&B, Rock, Contemporary Crossover Jazz, Dance, Singer-Songwriter, and Folk idioms to this day.

On June 1, 2013, Bob released BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol.1 & 2 on RMCO MUSIC, available at AmazonMP3, Bandcamp, iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.
You will be very pleased by every song you hear from this phenomenal artist. The vast array of skills of this one man is truly music to ones ear. His impeccable attention to theory, complexity, and sheer creative tightness in his rhythm is enough to make any musician want to know his secrets. He is a master of his art, and a legend in his own time. You won’t forget the day you heard “Bob Crawford,” the completely amazing musical genius. He will stand out to, you with his invigorating musical abilities.
I strongly suggest you check out the single “Babycake Walk”…it has a enormous groove to it that will make one want to strut downtown. The bass in the song is nothing less than amazing, with killer pops that stand out. Everything about this song will stand out to you, not one instrument is lacking. It is so full of flavor that it will make your mouth water. Bob Crawford has out done himself with this great instrumental work of art. It is total masterpiece and should be streamed everywhere for the world’s listening pleasure. I give a 5-star and two thumbs all the way up and I know you will too.
Babycake Walk:

Links to Bob Crawford:
Official Website:
Soundcloud (RMCO Music):



Review by Kiki Plesha

Other than the ‘jaunty chapeau in his photo, it would be safe to say that Bob Crawford wears many hats…and they are of many styles. Bob’s talent has been far-reaching; encompassing Rock, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Folk, Alternative and New Country–and many variances in between. And under all those hats resides the man himself…Musician, Producer, Author, Consultant, Guitarist, Arranger, Stage Manager, Recording Engineer and Composer. He is a one-man phenomenon and even, at times, a one-man-band.
Having been in the music industry for quite some time, Bob has a rather large song catalog and long track record, working with such varied artists as Jocelyn Brown, Mick Taylor, Maxine Brown, Dennis Williams (O’Jays, Temptations), Larry Harlow, Ron Richardson, Carl Hall, Aztec 2 Step, Beverly Crosby, Loretta Devine, and Vondie Curtis Hall.
As President of RMCO MUSIC, a full service Music Production/Event Management company, Bob is BUSY…currently working with Grammy Award winner Larry Harlow and Zon del Barrio in NYC. He is the author of newly published “Symmetric Cycles”, his John Coltrane/Pat Martino/Nicholas Slonimsky-inspired music theory book. He has also recorded 2 Crossover Jazz instrumentals “BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC Presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol. 1 a 2”, available from AmazonMP3, Bandcamp, iTunes & Google Play, and Spotify. In his “spare” time, he also provides customized music for business advertising.

Excuse me…I think I need a nap just WRITING about Bob Crawford…OK, I’m BACK!
Bob was Musical Director/Guitarist/Singer for the National Company of Paul Sills'”Story Theatre”, which enjoyed a year-long run on Broadway, coveting 2 Tony Awards and a nomination.
Bob also wrote “My Time Is Now” (19911 with Dennis Williams [(O’Jays, Temptations) recorded by Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award-winner and Latin Music-Salsa Hall of Fame member Larry Harlow for Cache Records (Fania). He additionally wrote “I Want To Be Loved” [2006) recorded by R&B Hall of Fame member and Tony Award winner Maxine Brown. He has worked as a Session Guitarist, Vocalist. Writer, Producer, and Arranger, for artists ranging from Phoebe Snow to McFadden & Whitehead for 30 years.

Note to self: It has just occurred to me what a slacker I am.

Bob Crawford’s many accomplishments and the roster of notable names he has worked with goes on and on.
In all seriousness, this man means BUSINESS…the music business, that is.

Review of Bob Crawford—RMCO MUSIC ALADAY LLC…Business 101…Today We Talk Jingles


Review of Bob Crawford—RMCO MUSIC
ALADAY LLC…Business 101…Today We Talk Jingles

Written By: Aaron Aveiro

We’ve all heard commercial jingles. That distinct sound of McDonalds, “You deserve a break today” or the Kentucky Fried Chicken,“Finger Lickin’ Good”…

Almost all major companies have a jingle to identify with. So why don’t smaller companies? I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. I mean after all what part of a jingle is NOT part of a Company’s Brand? So, since I ask clients every day…What is your company’s brand??? So as the sun peeked through the office window bringing the mid-fall day warmth to my face I thought I’d touch on how to develop your company’s brand for a second or two this afternoon. Well, there is also the fact that I spoke with Bob Crawford, a musician that does exactly that, writes music for companies to use to promote their business and develop their Company Brand.

A song or a jingle is always a nice touch. Can you afford it is usually the question that first comes to mind. Well the way the music industry works you may very well be able to have you very own song or jingle developed for your company.

So without further ado…Meet Bob Crawford…Bob is President of RMCO Music/BMI currently residing in the city so great that they named it twice…New York, New York.
You can find some information on Bob here…and here….well here’s another link too…
You’ll find a wide variety of musical styles on Bob’s You Tube station…Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC YouTube Playlists:

Some Jazz: Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC Crossover Jazz #1 (Midtempo/Romantic)

Bob Crawford/RMCO MUSIC Crossover Jazz #2 (Uptempo)

Pop and Rock: For Pop/Rock Collection:–Pop%2FRock+Collection

R&B/Soul: For R&B/Soul Collection:–R%26B%2FSoul+Collection

He has also recorded 2 Crossover Jazz instrumental albums “BOB CRAWFORD/RMCO MUSIC Presents: CONTEMPORARY JAZZ CROSSOVER INSTRUMENTALS Vol. 1 & 2, available from AmazonMP3, Bandcamp, iTunes & Google Play, and Spotlfy.

When asked to describe his business:

As President of RMCO Music I work as a songwriter/composer, producer, & consultant providing original customized music for clients involved with music
supervision, underscoring/transitions in film, TV, advertising and product placement, corporate presentations, video games, ringtones, etc. in Pop, R&B/Soul,
Crossover Jazz, Indie Rock, Dance, & Singer-Songwriter
Are you actively looking to bring on new clients?

As a matter of fact, I am looking for clients needing original music for business advertising & presentations. As President at RMCO MUSIC I am actively
licensing my music to artists, music supervisors, and advertisers for film, TV, product placement. etc. ringtones, video games, and the like in the Pop,
R&B/Soul, Crossover Jazz, Indie Rock, Dance, SingerSongwriter,
& New Country genres.

When asked about costs:
It depends…there are always variables but the basic fee structure is one that consists of a flat fee and royalty…Bob is registered with BMI. For those of you that are not familiar with how music works…unless you purchase ALL the rights to a piece of music…for
example if you buy the “rights” to your favorite song, Jingle Bells…anyone using the song other than “Listening pleasure” you must pay a fee/license for the “right to use” the song in your commercial. There are more in-depths do’s and don’ts in owning the rights to a piece of music. But those are the basics. If someone owns a piece of music they will always make revenues on it…

Here are the basic fees;
Radio Promo
Local $98.00
Regional (generally five states) $180.00
National $252.00

So the royalty…all depends on the negotiations.
So if you have been wondering about a Jingle to help develop your Company Brand give Bob a call and see what you can work out…

Until Next Time…
Happy Gardening…
Written By: Aaron Aveiro
Photographs courtesy Bob Crawford and Aaron Aveiro